20-Something Things To Do Whilst On Bed Rest

It’s been a really dark time for me as of late. I can’t really be bothered to get into it right now (or get out of bed), but I trust that I’m 6 weeks of acupuncture therapy away from a turnaround. Until then, I am pretty much been confined to my bed, or a bed […]


A Trip Down Memory Lane. With A DD.

Today my girlfriends and I spontaneously decided to head up to NYC for a weekend trip. With our impending departure, I couldn’t help but take a trip down memory lane, recalling the state of my physical and mental health this time last year when the same friend suggested a trip up to the Big Apple. […]


That’s For Rich People…

Sushi Fruit Cardio Courtside Seats Salon hair products Anything that comes in a shell Floor-to-ceiling windows Anything that sparkles Cable Dental Visits Retail price Whole Foods Motorized Water Sports Love Salad Small Plates Bottled Water Laughter


Chicken Soup For The Impoverished Soul

As a baby girl, there was just one thing I knew I could count on. When I was picked last in kickball (always), bee stung, knee scraped, bitch slapped and/or broken-hearted, there was one comfort that I knew would be awaiting me when I came crying home- Teta’s soup. For the culturally constipated, “Teta” is […]

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